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Victoria Harbour Medical Centre is an inclusive general practice and offers a range of medical and allied services. If you have any questions relating to our services please call us on (03) 9629 1414.

General Practice

We have both male and female GPs available for consultations. Some of the General Practice services we provide include:

Men’s Health Health checks; Prostate cancer screening
Women’s Health   PAP smears; Health checks; Fertility Assessment; Contraceptive counselling; Implanon® insertion/removal; Pregnancy Care and Post natal visits
Children’s Health Childhood vaccinations
Family medicine Complete family medicine
Preventative health   Flu vaccinations; Tetanus boosters; General health check ups; Diabetes and Cholesterol screening
Sexual health STI screening; LGBTI health issues
Travel Medicine Malaria chemoprophylaxis; Vaccinations including Yellow Fever
Minor procedures Plastering; Skin suturing; Skin biopsies; Liquid Nitrogen, Cryotherapy; Skin lesion and mole removal
Mental Health   Anxiety; Depression; GP Mental Health Care Plans; Counselling and Psychology referrals
Wound care General wound care and dressings
Skin mole check Basic skin mole checks
Occupational Health Pre-employment medicals; Work-related injury health care (VWA)
Chronic disease management GP management plans (GPMPs); Team care arrangements (TCAs); Enhance primary care (EPC)

Antenatal Shared Care

Dr Kirsten Scott and Dr Michelle Wellington are accredited Maternity Care Affiliates who work in collaboration with Mercy Hospital for Women,  Mercy Werribee, The Women’s Hospital ( Parkville ) and The Women’s Hospital ( Sandringham) for Antenatal Shared Care.

A Shared Care GP is a general practitioner with additional training in obstetrics, who is appointed by the hospital to provide complete pregnancy care to public patients who are not going through a private obstetrician.

You will be seen by the Shared Care GP every month for the first six months, fortnightly for the next two months and then every week for the last month. They will arrange all necessary blood tests, ultrasounds, hospital visits etc. during this time.

You will be referred to the relevant hospital, where you will have about four visits during the nine months. This will be where delivery will take place, usually by a midwife, plus care for the baby and mother whilst in hospital. This way, both the hospital and your Shared Care GP are kept fully informed of your progress i.e. they “share” the care of you.

For further information on shared care and schedule please click here



Our treatment room is equipped to offer a range of procedures such as Implanon® contraceptive implant insertion and removal, suture of lacerations, skin biopsies, minor lesion removals, joint steroid injections, plaster cast application and removal, ECGs and blood/pathology collection. All equipment is sterile and maintained according to infection control guidelines to prevent cross infection.

Travel Vaccination

Victoria Harbour Medical Centre is an accredited travel vaccination practice. We carry a stock of the most common travel vaccines including Yellow Fever. We recommend you attend 6-8 weeks prior to intended travel to seek travel medicine and vaccination advice. Medicare does not cover the cost of travel vaccinations but this cost may be refundable in part from your private health insurer. Refer to our Travel Medicine link or please call us on (03) 9629 1414 to arrange an appointment.

Allied Health

In addition to general medical consultations our practice is pleased to offers the following allied health services by appointment:

Services Days of Consultation
PODIATRY Ms Eleisha Lilley Wednesday: 12pm – 6:00pm

Friday: 8:45am – 1:00pm

DIETETICS Ms Jennifer Donnelly
→ About Jennifer
→ Service and Fees
Please contact the practice to make an appointment

Information regarding allied health services and fees is available from our reception staff.

On-Site Pathology

Dorevitch Pathology is located on-site within our medical centre for blood tests, urine tests, urea breath tests, ECGs and other specimen collection. No appointment is required. Dorevitch Pathology services requested by our doctors are generally bulk-billed if you have a Medicare card. For further information regarding services and fees, please call (03) 9244 0444 or visit their website: www.dorevitch.com.au


Hours of Operation


Monday to Friday 8 am – 4.00 pm

Closed between 12:30pm  – 1:00 pm